The all in one Drywall repair tool

How It Works

Stop Wasting Money

Think about all the items you need to make wall repairs around the house.


Paint Tray




And a tub of putty compound which after used once, usually sits stored away and drys up.  Your’e Just Throwing away $$$$


STOP needlessly spending money on the same items you only use once, and Pick yourself up a Putty King!

ditch the mess

How it works…

Load the Compound

Simply place a tube of PUTTY KING compound in the center slot, then insert your self feeding trowel and click on the guide plate.


patch Up Holes & Marks

Now all you have to do is slide your thumb forward and feed the trowel as needed. No more messy buckets and putty knives. Once you have patched all the holes around your home, just click off the paint sponge and use the sanding pad to clean up any areas.



Clip the sponge back on and simply use the lid off your paint can as your pallet, finishing the job in record time.

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